IT Project Management Outsourcing: Top 7 Reasons You Should

IT infrastructure projects are complex and time-sensitive, often involving significant cost. From work environment relocation to data center builds, projects can include precision construction, systems design and integration, anticipation of future standards evolution and facility expansion. An outsourced project manager (PM) with recent success on similar projects has the experience needed. Engaging a skilled expert in IT infrastructure project management increases the chance of successful completion.

1. The Value Added by a Knowledgeable PM

Companies have found their business processes benefit from PM management and facilitation. These benefits include resource coordination, communication with team members, budget monitoring and reporting updates to management. The PM provides the integrated vision which leads the project to a successful completion. PMI certification indicates the PM understands the tools and processes of professional project management. For IT, the PMI-certified PM adds an additional element: knowledge of IT-related subject matter.

2. Data Center Management by IT Experts

Critical IT needs expert design and construction. A PM with experience in Tier 3 and 4 data center designs, copper and fiber network installation and large-scale power and cooling can guide a large project to a successful conclusion and ask the right questions along the way. IT PMs are also prepared to work with leading-edge technologies from renewable power sources to KyotoCooling heat reduction.

3. Work Area Moves and Installs

Group downtime has to be minimal during an office relocation. A PM can coordinate the physical move, electrical and power installation and reconnection at the destination. While the move preparation is coordinated over weeks or months, the timeline for completion can be over a single night or weekend. Precision planning and organization make it possible, while the PM’s understanding of the equipment, connectors, wiring, cabling and network equipment required is essential to ensure everything is ready for the move.

4. Experienced and Knowledgeable Vendor Coordination

Vendor lead times, product substitutions, shipping, delivery and uncrating of delicate, expensive equipment need to be managed carefully. Orchestrating the positioning and connection of rows of equipment means knowing how the puzzle pieces fit together, and the PM makes sure everything happens in the proper order.

5. A PM who Understands the Requirements

A PM with IT consulting experience asks the right questions upfront. Understanding key differences in cable parameters, connector types, printer and network closet configuration and wireless endpoint types help him or her double-check the design. Adding steps such as the use of TDR cable testing can raise confidence levels and ensure data can flow to each workstation even before routers and switches are powered up. The PM’s experience and technical expertise help a weekend move lead to a trouble-free Monday morning.

6. IT Design and Vendor Management

Between design and implementation, available products and supplies often change. A PM versed in IT terms and equipment can work with vendors and designers to replace obsolete or unavailable equipment. As needed, the PM can acquire new cable suppliers compliant with the necessary electrical standards and compatible with the connectors in stock to ensure new networking hardware has the support for incoming optical connections.

7. Budgeting and Cost Control Expertise

IT PMs work on a peer basis with vendors, speaking the same technical language and meeting design goals with cost-effective equipment. With control over delivery timing and quantities per order, PMs can help improve the purchasing process for the best vendor pricing.

Your IT Consulting and Infrastructure Management Experts

An experienced IT project outsourcing manager brings expertise from large numbers of projects, big and small. The customer benefits from the PM’s industry-specific knowledge of processes and equipment, and the resulting cost management and on-time successful completion.

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