We are an expert group for designing, developing and operating Information management systems – data, transactions, analytics, business intelligence. Make friends with IT and lead the pack. We can help – we are Systelligent.


Systelligent is an information technology design and development firm. We are a small business providing IT Services in the areas of Systems Engineering, Information Technology, and Program Management Office (PMO) services and solutions to the Federal Government, the State and Local Governments as well as private corporations.

We strongly believe in conducting business with innovation and vigor with total honesty and integrity. We ensure client satisfaction with high-quality services that are delivered on schedule and within budget. We promote staff satisfaction through challenging work, excellent compensation, and career development. We use industry standards, best practices, and continuous process improvements to ensure mission and customer success.


Commitment to Excellence

Systelligent ’s dedication to providing zero deviance in customer satisfaction index is reflected in our commitment to developing an in-depth understanding of our customer’s mission and requirements. We maintain a highly motivated professional workforce, skilled in the disciplines that complement our core business. Systelligent looks to break complex problems into simpler blocks and build common-sense solutions. Systelligent has a stellar track record of providing total customer satisfaction through the delivery of high quality services, on schedule and at or below budget.

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